Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Super Camper goes to the Desert

Cell phone turned off, computer left behind, we took off down a 4x4 track to let the mind unwind...

I'll admit that before this little weekend getaway, I wasn't too fired up on the desert. It's dry. It's hot. It's kinda empty.
"Can't we go to trees?" I asked Ryan.
"Let's go to open space." He responded.
Silly me for not trusting him. Open space was just what I wanted.

I sat for a couple of hours with no phone service, no internet connection, not even a magazine for distraction. I sipped my coffee and sat. I let my eyes take in all that open space and felt at peace to let my mind wander. He was right. It was exactly what I needed.

We had taken the camper off of pavement before, covered by van insurance, but it had been far too long. We were both stoked to get the camper back into the dirt.

It was really nice to get away from people and appreciate different things...

new perspectives...
different views.
Ryan heard a desert tortoise shuffling under a rock while I was lost inside my head. Luckily, he pulled me down to check it out.

Ryan took some time to go look for lizards,

and take more pictures of heaven.

My second favorite find of the weekend (besides that view) was a cute little "horny toad".

Click here for the video of the trip!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Super Camper goes to Palos Verdes

With a swell forecasted to pick up throughout the day on a warm sunny Saturday, we loaded up the camper with a few boards each and cruised up the hill to Palos Verdes.

I know, I know, when are we going to take the camper somewhere more exotic you're wondering. I'm wondering that too. With the situation in Baja as sketchy as it has been lately, and any other surf destination requiring a long drive, right now we are stuck with local trips. It could be worse!

heading down to the cove...

Ryan, giving me his standard, "are you really taking another photo?" look.

post-surf smile

The camper keeps the beers cold, but not when they are down on the rocks.

Even warm beer tastes good after surfing all afternoon!

Loading the camper back up for the quick drive back home.