Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The Super Camper: It's back on there!

After nearly 6 months of separation, as of this past weekend the Super Camper is finally back in one piece!

On Cinco De Mayo we prepared everything. We tie-wrapped loose wires, cut 2"x4"s to be used in the lifting, tested out the farm jack, and celebrated the Mexican holiday...

On Sunday the sixth of Mayo, we lured a handful of friends with the promise of carne asada, salsa, guacamole, and cold tecates! Our friends are getting a little tired of doing so much heavy lifting. Hopefully this is the last time for a long while we will need their services. It was a beautiful day and the surf was really good, so they showed up a little tired.

Ryan promised them they wouldn't have to lift as much as last time since he purchased a Farm Jack from Harbor Freight to help out.

My sister Helina showed up to participate and was very helpful!

Even Dale came by to lend a hand and a few crazy stories.

Finally, the camper and truck were reunited!

Big thanks to Dale, Andy, Helina, Uncle Jimmy, Petrocelli aka "Fartsaresmelly", and the Butchman!

Finally, we could get back to our preferred hobby - gardening - without feeling like we needed to be working on the camper!

Check back soon for photos and stories from our next adventure!!!


JoeChiOhki said...

Heh, around here, we call those "Farm jacks" suicide jacks. They have a notorious reputation for slipping and dropping a vehicle on an unsuspecting person.

Glad the camper's back together without any mishaps, now get on with the camping, no more of this lollygagging around!

Edmundo said...

Nice Blog, if you ever come by Sinaloa i´ll get you some nice beachfront camping spaces.

Hope your next Mexico trip goes well.

Saludos from Los Mochis, Sin, Mx

Anonymous said...

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